​AI Robotics

Developed by a team of engineers with PhD’s in robotics, Gomi analyzes your dog’s play pattern and adapts to its play style by adjusting its movements as well as a unique multicolor light system to keep your dog happy and engaged.

Safe & Durable

Gomi is made from shatterproof polycarbonate materials that are approved by the FDA. Gomi is built to withstand 130 kg (286 lbs) of pressure and is fully waterproof.

Activity Monitoring

Gomi’s built-in activity monitoring & highly sophisticated AI algorithm allows it to monitor your dog’s daily activities & provide you with recommendations and helpful tips on keeping your dog healthy.

Awesome Features

Extreme Build Quality



Smartphone App

In Development

Gomi lights up multicolor LED when contact is made

Manual mode allows users to directly interact with pets

Vibrates when bit, giving your dog more challenge during play

Variety of skins that increase utility (treat dispensing, different material etc)

Treat dispenser to encourage your pet to keep playing for rewards

Ability to create an extensive pet profile

Get instant updates and notifications related to your dog’s health

Wide range of movements such as jumping and spinning that enhances Gomi experience 

FDA approved shatterproof polycarbonate

90 minutes of continuous runtime or 16 activity cycles

Wireless charging capability

Learns and adapts to your pet’s movement

Provides a variety of interaction based on data

Gets smarter as your pet spends more time with it 

Unpredictable movements for longer engagement

Unique 3-axis mechanism for speed and fluidity

Works on a variety of surfaces including water

AI Robotics


​Is your dog lonely?

Did you know that 1 in 3 dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and 1 in 2 dogs are considered obese? Your dog is always there for you when you need them, but unfortunately, we can’t always be there for them when they need us. We’ve created Gomi to provide interactive fun for your dog while keeping them physically and mentally healthy, ensuring a long, happy life.


A Best Robot For

Man's Best Friend

Smartphone Application

You will be able to directly interact with your pets by manually controlling Gomi, utilizing preset movements like jumping and spinning. You will also be able to upload
an extensive pet profile as well as monitor your pet’s daily activity. 


Coming soon to

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